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decision time

Thursday, January 15, 2009 at 11:13:00 PM

so as you guys all know, i misplaced or got my ipod jacked.
i dunno which one.
either way its GONE
and i cant live without my music
in drama class someone was playing electric Feel or EEL . . . i dunno and i was like hey that song was on my...i....pod....WAAAAHHH
so the total for an ipod chromatic is 250 ? around there and im not even close to that amount yet.
so i was talking to cabbage today and he said i should just settle for an samsung mp3
which looks like this

it looks pretty hot and i love its sleek design.
its only 100$ for 8gb while for chrom . its 250 for freaking 4gb
know why?

so i would so get the samsung no questions asked
the only thing is if ANYTHING should happen to it either mine or the manufactures fault, its not like an ipod where you can take it to the Apple store for them to fix it infront of you
for the samsung im 80% sure you'd need to send it in for repair and get it back after approximately.....a trillion years.

the only problem is eveyone in socielty today goes for BRAND NAMES
and they are like sharks
if they find/smell someone who doesnt have an ipod but an mp3 instead
they will feast on them.
but i guess i can step out of my comfort zone and just get the samsung, IF it meets my standards.
if i do end up getitng it, ill piss using itunes :(
CORRECTION: MISS using itunes


here's what im going to do.
tomorrow after school
i will go to future shop and asking the following questions
1) whats the total amount with warranty and tax?
2)if something happens to the mp3, do i need to send it in, or do i get a new one ?
3)how long is the warranty ?

if i liked the answers i get ( and i make sure the office doesnt have my itouch), then ill whip out the cash and buy it.
if i don't like the answers, i wait till i get enough money for an ipod, and by then, global warming will kill us all.


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