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Monday, January 12, 2009 at 12:58:00 AM

i didnt edit this so there are ALOT of errors

It took me 10 hours, but im finally done.
i started working on the stupiud scrapbook at about 3:00pm and i hust finished.
like fuck why did my group have to do this to me ?
i had to study for my enlgish quiz, read my ar book, and dpo 9 dramam journals today, and that ALL was not dpone because i was slaving away doing work that was suppsoe to be done by 5 people, insead of one.
my back is killing me because i;ve been laying on the floor for ten hours, glueing and cutting and pasting and printing and typing for the scrap book.
now i have to go to school and tell my dramam teacher i didnt finsihh the journals that were do thoday becaise i was stuck doing hte scrapbook by myself.
i dont give 2 shits if my group gets pissed off at me for ratting them out.
i havent eaten anything but a bowl of ceral all day because of them
now, shanai DID come up with the whole script on her own, and kaitlyn tped it up by herself, so im going to make sure to mention that when i talk to kelleher.
so basically only Nav and andrew didnt do shit.
this is why i hate group work.
i feel like to cry not because im probablly going to fail my enlgih quiz becuace of them, and alo not get to finish ar as well.

i eamn i know i could just study now but i can barely keep my eyes open and my iron level is runnign soooo low right now.
im pretty sure my drama teacher will understand why i didnt finish the journals and he'll give me an extra day, but my english teacher,not too sure ab0ut.
we'll hust have to wait and see.

well im g oign to clean up my work space then hit the hay,


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