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Monday, January 19, 2009 at 8:21:00 PM

i think today is the day i pull an all nighter.
cause honestly...looking at my review, i dint think even staying home tomorrow from school is going to help me.
soooo im going to get loads of coffee from Starbucks and im going to try my absolute hardest to pull an all nighter so i an finish WRITING OUT my god damn review.
the tomorrow im going to come home after 2nd period and finish up what i didn't do.
then, ill actually start memorizing the shit, which shouldn't be hard because i usually automatically memorize things if im the one writingthem down.

oh god i hope this plan works.
i plan so finish studying by like 10:00pm tomorrow, that way i can i have agood nights rest before the exam.

after my science exam i have drama and gym...so i don't need to pull an all -nighter for that.
but i WILL start reading crhysalids and studying for English which is next Monday.

i cannot wait till this is all over.

omg then i have to go through it again next semester !
math, history...civics and religion.
oh shit history.,.....
i HATE memorizing dates.


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