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you're so hypnotizing, you've got me laughing while i sing
you've got me smiling in my sleep
Reasons to love you

Sunday, January 25, 2009 at 1:23:00 PM

my desktop @TM

i miss mac osX tiger.... but windows shitsa vista will have to do.
anyways, i bought jalapeno flavoured kettle cooked chips by accident..instead of the regular ones
you guys are probably like... "ewww wtf jalapeno anything is NASTY"
well people like different things, so.
so now you guys know what to get me for my sweet 16

an endless supply of president choice kettle cooked jalapeno flavoured chips.
speaking of sweet 16
my parents said if we have the money, i can throw a huge one.
like rent a hall, DJ,hip-hop dancers, alcohol....
but the only thing is it would be a combined party, with my school friends, and my family friends.....
i don't like that idea.
that would be awkward x 10000
but whatever.
its cheaper than having two separate ones.

now after reading Cheryl's entry about her hot drum teacher
it reminded me of when i took guitar lessons at Walters and my teacher was gorgeous... *reminds me of Nate Archibald*
and because he was so gorgeous...i couldn't concentrate on practicing...
and when i did practice...and i messed up in front of him, i got so mad cause it made me look dumb.
eventually i did quit cause im a lazy bastard.
but i really want to take it up again.
i love guitar, and i'd love it more if i could play.
like i know how to play the beginning of hey there Delilah, and some of my hero-paramore
but that's about it.
so im going to bug my mom until she caves in and signs me up again

so i was going to have a little party at my house after exams tomorrow
but as always the crowd is so dead and they don't seem so enthused about it.
all im getting is "i don't know"
like what you mean you don't know, go ask your parents.
so whatever, ill just wail till tomorrow and ask everyone again, and whoever comes, comes, and whoever doesn't, doesn't.
im also going to bring my camera so i can take pictures of the snow ball fight in HighD.
high ISO settings and high shutter speeds, here i come.


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