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you're so hypnotizing, you've got me laughing while i sing
you've got me smiling in my sleep
no lies, just love

Thursday, January 22, 2009 at 12:20:00 PM

2 down, 2 to go.
i just finished my drama exam which was the EASIEST THING OF LIFE.
like, people automatically think that it going to be so easy, that even if you didn't take drama, you'd still Ace it...but that's not the case.
the questions actually weren't based on common sense, and you actually needed to be in class everyday to know the answers.
it was out of 55...i prolly got MINIMUM 45

yesterday was my science exam...which was easy...but would have been easier if i studied more.

tomorrow is my gym exam...not studying for that, even though i should because i don't remember shit about rock climbing or anything....

then Monday is my English exam.
just so you know.

anyways, my reading list is really growing.
i still need to read the English book
finish the last few pages of girls fall down
read paper towns
read battle Royal
read a great and terrible beauty
read rebels angles
read the sweet far thing
and read east of Eden.

that should keep me busy when exams are over.

Jeatritz and Diana's birthday party is @ the end of the month :)
& im suppose to go to the mall with Ashley, Delfin and her bf tomorrow....
i haven't asked yet, and im only going if Ashley's going.

kay im going to take nap.
and i always take naps when im cold.... i dunno why.

then i have to wake up to pick up my brother....
then when my mom gets back im going to order my contacts.
but when i went to Hakim Optical, in Square One, to learn ow to put them on, the woman was so impatient with me. :(
cause i hate touching my eyes, so every time the contact made contact with my eye i would cringe and it would fall into the sink -_-
the woman kept sighing and getting frustrated, so my mom asked for her money back so we can go to the Hakim in heartland.
now my eye hurts cause of all the poking and stuff.

let me know.


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