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you're so hypnotizing, you've got me laughing while i sing
you've got me smiling in my sleep
she ain't nothin' the fuq with

Saturday, January 31, 2009 at 7:26:00 PM

just got back from Pho and Sqaure for Dianna's and Jeatriz's sweet sixteens.
although jea and D dipped after pho... lol

it was actually more fun than i expected.
food was good, obvi
& because Dianna works there, we got discount.... :)
it was the pho on dundas though, not the one near joes.
i met this gal named Jennifer and she brought her D80!
its noticeably bigger than mine, and i think it takes videos too ? mine doesn't but i don't really care since i have a point and shoot camera anyway.
she's really nice and i think she went to school with the Asians.
oh and shes Korean, so we talked about like, big bang, rain, uhmmm other stuff.

anyways, after pho it was a mission and a half to get to square.
i called the BUS number like 5 times.
when we got to the bus stop, we realized it was the WRONG one
so we had to cross the street.
there was this old man....probably high
and he was asking us all these questions that were totally random.
like "where do i mail the bill to cause my lawyer doesn't want it"
i was like THE FUCK
kay no...
i kept quiet, but it was creepy.
and Kevin was laughing.

the bus came and we were having trouble seeing the names of the streets, so we didn't know where Hurontario was.
so i called my Momie and she told us its near CIBC.
we got off and just as we looked at the stop for the 19 North, the bus was there and it drove away.
we were so pissed.
lol but when we got to the stop another one came like after 1 minutes o.O

went to square..found out Jen also likes Caramel frapps.
blah blah

OH and when i went to stance, i dropped my Starbucks on the floor, and it spilled everywhere :(
the Kevin was like "run...run...RUN"
so i picked up the cup and we ran out of the store, lol.
i feel bad now, but meh
i was probably caught on camera...shit.
oh well

im so badasssssss



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