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Monday, January 12, 2009 at 7:40:00 PM

so i've been saving up my money for no reason at all.
so far i have 118$ .... or something.
like there is so much i want to buy, but because i dont have a job and my mom refuses to pay for my "wants" i cant even get a half of what i want.

i want the black berry bold SOOO BAD
like i wanted the iphone before but everyone has one now, and its not even all that great.
+ i had enough of apple products. (about 500-600 AHAHA OMG i can kiss that dream goodbye)

a new ipod :(
my itouch is long gone.
im so pissed that i lost it :@ (about 200$)

and clothes.

so i went to the ski club meeting today and asked for a refund, and they said i can only get my money back if they find a replacement.
so ill find out tomorrow.
IF i do get my money back, it would make my life so much more easier cause then i can uses the money to buy a new ipod...
OR put it together with what i've saved and use it to buy the bold.

aaaahhh decisions decisions.

i really dont know which to choose
the bold
or an ipod

i guess ill just keep saving and see what happens with the ski trip money.

i can always ask my mom which i should buy.

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