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you're so hypnotizing, you've got me laughing while i sing
you've got me smiling in my sleep
you gain some you loose some.

Saturday, January 10, 2009 at 12:52:00 PM

i really need to stop mourning over my "lost friend"
like people loose Friends and gain some and i've lost like 100 seeing as i moved 7 or 8 times
but for some reason this one actually ment something to me, and was the first person i actually called my "bff"
and then just because the stupid school didn't have enough teachers, my sched. got changed and then we drifted <---i hate that word but im using it for lack of a better one. and i wouldn't even give two shits if we weren't friends anymore because now i have 1 best friend that i can honestly tell anything too and count on her to always be with me when i need her but the fact that everywhere i look i see the word "eleisha" pisses me off. and the fact that i dont know how many times i sent her an email to say i miss her and we should hang out again, and she doesnt take anny effort to do so make me more upset. and the fact that she didn't even TRY to retain (is that even the right word?) what was left our friendship, just makes me even more upset.

but whatever man there's nothing i can do. i just wish i could move out of Mississauga or even just move to a different school to get away from all this drama. and by drama i man the one thats going on with my current friends.

p.s you are BLIND & you not choosing to listen to us when we say you should get out now, is not my problem. like fuck you're going to regret this, just watch.

PPS i feel like deleting certain people off msn and facebook so i can move on with my life.... but i dunno -_- that would be mean. but then they dont even freaking talk to me so whats the point in having them on my lists anyways ?

PPPS i joined the ski and snowboarding club at school and now im regretting it. i don't even KNOW Any body there. kay well i do but they aren't close enough to me to actually want to ski with me or whatver. so basically for 3 days im going to sitting on the long ass bus ride by myself, there and back, and skiing by myself as well. ain't life grand ? NO IT FUCKING ISN'T. and

PPPPS threes a crowd which is why i hate hanging out with both of you at the same time. i always feel left out.


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