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you're so hypnotizing, you've got me laughing while i sing
you've got me smiling in my sleep
you're like an indian summer in the middle of winter, like a hard candy with a surprise centre

Saturday, February 7, 2009 at 1:45:00 PM

so yesterday, i stayed home
nothing new.

today im probably going to be out the whole afternoon -_-
McCarthy's because i NEED guy pants
screw girl pants man.
so un comfortable.
& I'd get like NON McCarthy's pants, but my teachers this semester (EXCEPT GORDON f coarse)
are extremely strict ass mofos.

Sephora because i suck at putting eyeliner on, and the type that you don't have to sharpen, and just roll up...is to smudgy and yesterday it got in my eye
i missed 30 minutes of math because i was in the bathroom crying and trying to get my contacts out of my eyes
and this fucking girl is like staring at me the whole time
like do you mind.
ANYWAYS so that's why i want the old fashioned eyeliners that require a actual sharpener.
i also want bronzer...but im not buying it.
i want to make my face look less artificial as possible.
my blush broke into like a bazillion pieces
so i need to buy that too.

Walters or Walterz... i dunno which
to get my guitar tuner.

i forgot the name of the place....but i need to do my eyebrows/
if they don't close by the time im done everything else

& i need to get Teen Vogue.
ew Taylor Swift is on the cover -_-

on another note.
i feel so un wanted at my lunch, well with the people i sit with.
i mean Benjie's okay, so's Jeatritz and somewhat Terri
but everyone else acts like they dot want me to sit with them
well too bad.
i hate A lunch.
rather have like...b or c
so im going to try and save my allowance again
last time i saved $170 but then spent it on that mp3 WHICH I GAVE TO MY BROTHER
so now im music less again.

i think he lost it though.
not my problem.
so im not some skinny girl who can go the whole school day without eating, seeing as i don't eat breakfast.
so im going to attempt to wake up earlier so i CAN eat breakfast, that way i wont be that hungry at school,and when the week is over i'll still have my 50
or 40... if my and Debbie go to walmart that week like usual.

im going to try and find a job by spring.. but this stupid recession is making it so hard.
i need a spring/summer wardrobe though.

i found my Dslite... after like....ages.

it's 2:03 and i haven't eaten yet -_-


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