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you're so hypnotizing, you've got me laughing while i sing
you've got me smiling in my sleep

Thursday, March 26, 2009 at 10:06:00 PM

i dont like using my laptop on my bed because it hurts my friggen arms
but im tooo lazy to get my ass to my desk.
speaking of desk
like it helps that i have really fun people in all my classes *except math*
cause i swear if i didnt, i would have dropped out by now. like i said earlier, i got my math updated mark and shit my pants.
I REALLLLLLLLYYY NEEED TO "get my head in the game" if i want to pass math this semester. there is no way in hell i am going to summer school, OR taking grade 10 math in grade 11. no sirreebob.
so im actually going to do ALLL my math homework form now on, instead of doing it only on the days im in a good mood, which is extremely rare. i finished my math hmw yesterday, everything except the word problems because me and word problems are like.....no. i hate them, dont understand most of them. SO HOPEFULLY the teacher will have time to help me with that tomorrow.

i honestly think i'd be much happier in life if i started my homework on time when i got home and studied for test ahead of time instead of the night before.
i really hate it when people go "omg im getting such a bad mark!"
and i ask what they;re getting and they say something int he high 80 or low 90's
like stfu be gratefull you actually have a shot at going to university.
i especially hate it when people get such high marks when they dont do shit in class, and im here working my ass off and i come out with a 50.
like what is this ?!

like they are so many people i envy for being so mature, responsible and smart
but then there are the over achievers which drive me insane.

i can't wait till summer, even though i know im probably going to stay home the whole time.
i have to convince my parents to let us vacay somewhere.

things i need to do/things coming up
  • review literacy book for literacy test on thursday april second
  • start my friggen careers isu thats due friday april 3rd i think
  • study for history test that on friday april third
  • review and study for math test which is god knows when
there's more but i forgot.
i have to atleast start some of this over the weekend.

i really hope everyone decides to go somewhere after school tomorrow, cause i really need a chillage right now.


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