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you're so hypnotizing, you've got me laughing while i sing
you've got me smiling in my sleep

Sunday, March 22, 2009 at 12:41:00 PM

song: don't forget-demi lavato
mood: meh

so i haven't been on the computer in a while, hence my.....disappearance ?
not that anyone noticed.
but yeah im too lazy to make a post about everything i did this break *which was nothing*
but maybe my mood will change while im typing this.

so i basically spent my whole break at home, and alone except for when i went to downtown with debbie.
but before that i just went to the library alot cause like i said before, my internet is down till tuesday.
uhm yesterday i went to sherway with my mom, brother and lil cousin cause my aunt wanted to get rid of him for the day.
and when we were in the car i was joking around saying my license plate would be "weezy f baby" or something
and just as i said that mrs officer came on and my cousin asked me why wayne always laughs or giggles or....whatever the hell that sound is he does, and i said i dont know. then he imitated him and i died.
then there was a point in the song where he says fuck..or some word and they obviously blocked it out cause its radio
but then my cousin was like "kay whats the point in blocking it out, im 9 and i know what he said"
love that kid.

uhm anyways yeah went to u of t and ryerson with debbie...snuck around the campuses because we're too badass for tour groups.

then i had to wait for freaking 5 hours at eatons for my mom to pick me up cause debbie had to go...or whatever-_-
as you guys already know i have arthritis which is stupid cause i though only old people get that
but yeah so walking around that huge ass mall for 5 hours was one of the most painful things i have ever done.
i tried to look for somewhere to sit but everything was taken..

when i was walking past koodo mobile...gay
i saw some asian chick run out of a store screaming "NOOO DONTTT NOOO" and i was like...wtf
then i realized she was chasing some asian guy, probably her boyfriend
and that asian guy was chasing another asian guy going
"YOU WANT ME TO GIVE YOU A FAT LIP?! DONT EVER FUCKING SAY THAT AGAIN YOU FUCKER...." blah blah blah and the girl was trying to hold him back.
i laughed, then continued walking.

EVENTUALLY my mom did show up and lets just say she wasn't too happy..ill leave it at that.
and instead of her to call my cell like a normal mom
she was on the floor above mine and starting screaming my name with that Nigerian accent
"ING KAY CHEEE !!!!!!"
along with my brother
and i was like WHO THE FUCK
then i look up and see them yelling my name
SO EMBARRASSING cause everyone was looking around :(
i was so pissed at her.

so yeah that was my break.
i left some stuff out but yeah.

uhm i listened to the Demi Lavato album alot during the break
watched an endless amount of Hannah Montana & Suit life of zack&cody
got all the books by john green from the library
and found out that i should have bought an ipod classic instead of a touch because they are almost the same price but the clasisc has ONE HUNDRED AND 20 FUCKING GB
i know its because of the wi-fi and apps that makes it soo expensive
fuck apps
fuck internet
if i could, i would soooo exchange mine.

im scared my lap top is going to blow up because im not using the right charger thingy.


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