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you're so hypnotizing, you've got me laughing while i sing
you've got me smiling in my sleep

Monday, March 2, 2009 at 11:18:00 PM

yes im making two post in one day.

so today i had NO homework
although i should have been reviewing math

tomorrow i might get hmw, but it's not a must i need to do it because my retreat is on wednesday so i cant hand it in.
i think im not going to go to first period.
maybe just chill with Debbie till we leave on Wednesday.
i dunno ill see what she says.
i dont even know whos going on the retreat....
well i know aaron, debbie obviously....artemio...leen..phia I THINK
cause Freberro mentioned the people in his other religion class
but i forgot.

so tomorrow i plan on
watching boys over flowers ep 17
discovering new music from....idunno the site name.
my ipod is so boring !
like...i need to discover new artist.
i made melissa m listen to "the frug" today
and she was like...dancing in her melissa kinda way. ahahahaha
awww shes cute.
but it is a catchy song
i bet the other girls in the washroom were like
wtf is she listening ot, lol.
thank you external speakers for exposing my ipod contents.

so this semester i was kinda iffy cause i didn have anything with debbie
but we see each other every morning and everyday at the end of school *except Tuesdays*
anyways so.

math first period actually goes by pretty fast.
careers is fun when Gordon talks about his family. i laugh so much.
religion is just pure jokes.
history is....alright i guess
i know jose, aaron, joanne, emma
etc. so s'all good.

kay im going to sleep.
i've been going to bed at 2am for the past couple months now and i can never wake up in the morning.
i always have to wear socks to bed now cause i find if i didnt
i cant wake up in the morning because my blanket is warm and once my feet are exposed it so cold and i feel like staying in bed.


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