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you're so hypnotizing, you've got me laughing while i sing
you've got me smiling in my sleep

Sunday, April 5, 2009 at 8:00:00 PM

so i went rollerblading with jazmine, jose, jeatritz, benjie and ysabel today..
it was originally suppose to be just me and jasmine because no one else was online, but after we gave up, everyone came online one after the other xD

so we met in front of johns house* i love how even if john isn't coming with us, we always meet infront of his house*
then we loafted for a lonnggg time
then finally headed towards the rivergrove trail...
we didnt even get half way when jeatritz had to go home, so we went to her area and jose rolerbladed, biked, skateboarded around there
then after a couple minutes she randomly came out of her house chilled with us, walked jazmine home, then went back to her house.
it was sooo tireing.
rolerblading takes so much energy, especially up hill
but it was fun.

anyways why the hell are they doing a re-run of GG ?!?!?!?!?! holy crap
or is it just me...

oh the next episode is airing april 19/20....
p.s internets back on : )


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