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you're so hypnotizing, you've got me laughing while i sing
you've got me smiling in my sleep

Friday, May 29, 2009 at 11:22:00 PM

after school i spent the day with debbie because we wanted to work on our religion magazines.
we're ALMOST done, just one more page to make and print, but that wil be finished tomorrow.
she left at arooundd....11?
so now , im here.
we laughed at some tweets, not WITH, but AT
wtf-ed at some fb statuses and rolled our eyes as weell -_-


tomorrow i need to
  • start and finish my civvics CAT
  • finish up my religion CAT
  • finish math homework
  • (even if all this means staying up till like 4 am) :(
  • eyebrows
  • sephora
  • buy webcam
  • athletic banquet shoes
  • fix athletic banquet dress
  • finish history organizer
  • study for civics


Thursday, May 28, 2009 at 8:19:00 PM

if an alien came to earth and said he'd give you the power to transport to places faster that ever, but he will kill 5000 of you per year, would you say yes? if you wouldn't, funny, cause thats exactly what cars do. -CH

Tuesday, May 26, 2009 at 12:14:00 AM

today i ....
  • cleaned my room almost completely. ( i still need to vacuum tomorrow)
  • let my hamster run free for 1hour and a half because i felt bad for keeping her in the cage her whole life.
  • watched the season premiere of jon&kate plus 8 and saw kate cry because apperently jon is cheating on her with some next chick...
  • watched "cake boss" and saw a fire truck entirely made of edible stuff
  • studied for my math quiz
  • and studied 1/2 for my history quiz(ill study more at lunch)
  • went to walmart with debbie to buy my favorite snack which i have not had in while..wont say what it is though xD SOOO GOODD MMMM. im so fat -_-
  • argued witht the rents about my math and histry mark
things i want/have to do this summer...
  • get that job at YMCA
  • get my community hours by volunteering at ysabels church..camp...thing : )
  • SWIMMMINGGG !!!! @ Ellie's pool
  • my birthday party which is either going to be a dinner party with close Friends, or a pool party with friends in general that i still talk to, have classes with, etc\
  • workout :(
  • MATH TUTOR!!! i need to do better in math come grade 11 or my dad will kill me
  • rollerblading
  • biking
  • teacher her how to ride a bike so we can all go biking
  • wonderland with Ashely, Mimi and other holynamers i miss
  • wonderland with other Friends
  • watch _________ celebrate her birthday without me :**( jeeze, i dont understand why you're doing all this in the first place. you have no idea how upset it makes me
  • but wwwhhhhatteverrr
  • get my dream phone, whatever that may be
  • get G1 certified
i think thats all.

alot of things are bothering me right now and im trying to not think about those things, but its soo hard cause the problems are always in front of my face.

anyways, time for bed.

getting my webcam friday :)
i can finally re-start daily boothing

Thursday, May 21, 2009 at 4:51:00 PM

wow, so many CATS and so little time. :(
on a happier note
today after school, me,debbie, benjie and jose went to Popeyes.booster juice *my slash isn't working*
kevJ was SUPPOSE to come but his cousins from chi-town were coming over so ..yanno, family first.
me and debbie started walking there by ourselves and they just caught up with us on their bikes.
Icarly, chicken and biscuits, tropical tornadoes, strawberry sunshine, twins, iphones, spicy food, ketchup and peanut butter.
i think those basically some up whatver we drank.did.talkes about.

friday, which is tomorrow THANK ZEE LORD, i dont know what im doing actually.
either streetsville with melissa r, or swimming in ellies pool...or staying home.
i'd prefer swimming cause its SOOOO HOTT and i miss swimming a great deal.

Saturday will be just homework and maybe visit debbie after church
and sunday, hopefully, if no one flops, sherway with the twitteres and such.

exams 3 weeks away ! CANT WAIT :)

Wednesday, May 20, 2009 at 11:13:00 PM

can't believe i never thought of this.

at 4:56:00 PM

it's random post time !

i didn't want to post twice
but here it goes.

you're so sweet and it think i like you, but im not sure.
i wish we could just talk about it because you give me so many mixed messages.
one day you;d hate me, next day you;d say hi to me in the halls.
and the way you smile when you say hi, i dont know if you do that to everyone or not, but when you do it to me, it feels like it was ment just for me.
i had a crush on you before but it died fast because you were being such dick. i dunno if it was you acting like yourself or you doing what others tell you to.
i dont even know if what you told me was vrai or faux and i think if i did know which it was, it would make this a lot easier.

ew, now that sounded tres corny, but twas true.
sucks that so many people know my blog, who knows how many of them are going to see this >:-[
why dont you have a "private" option blogspot.

at 4:29:00 PM

My history class is honestly THEE best class to end the day with.
i HATE HATE HATE when people use the word "live" but i gotta say, history class is pretty live.
i usually dont give two shits about history, all about the now, but neal actually makes it a BIT more interesting than other teachers would, cause shes so enthusiastic about it.
though thats not the reason why the class is so fun.
let's say if had history class with the people from my math class, IT WOULD BE SO FUCKING BORING OMG. that class is so dead.
but the people in my history class make it so fun and because neal randomly leaves for more than half the class it makes it even more "live"
like we'd be watching a movie *I HATE HER CHOICE IN MOVIES* and when she'd leave, everyone would breath a sigh of relief, fast-forward the movie and then start throwing paper airplanes, pop cans, card etc and it'd be so fun and then when she comes in we act like nothing happened.
it's usally because i sit around vinzon, aaron, rayos, medina, carmen, joanne, emily, conner, angelo R and Susana and we do the most randomest things when the teachers not there.

so if i had to choose, i'd say this semester beats first semester, except first semester was pretty fun cause of science first period with conner debbie and ahnokee
but history's still.....funner.

that's all i have to say today
oh and i dont understand why people talk about me when im right there...lmao.
all i hear in the halls today... "blah blah blah, nkechi, blah blah blah. " all i heard was my name
but because it was it was coming from who it was coming from...it probably wasnt anything to offensive, if offensive at all.
but still guys...c'mon.
you make me nervous enough.

p.s im very disappointed in you two...i thought you were different. ...haahahaha debbie ;D

Monday, May 18, 2009 at 12:11:00 PM

so this long weekend has been shit because of certain people that i will not mention.
i honestly don't get you and i dont think i ever will >.>

so today i plan on cleaning, hooRAH right ?
i hate cleaning -_- well sometimes.
then my parents want to either go out for a movie or go to Ontario place for fireworks
or both.

i still want the BBB and i've been reading reviews on crackberry which makes me want it even more
but i need a job first, either that or wait for my rents to cave...

trueee. (
ew i said true)

Saturday, May 16, 2009 at 12:20:00 PM

i have to admit,material things DO make me happy.
i don't care how bad that sounds because im not the only one.
having my macbook stop working for LIFE pisses the hell out of me.
there is so much a macbook is capable of doing, that a pc can not even dream of.
right now the corpse of m mac is laying in my closet...i dont know what ill do with.
maybe make a youchoob video of me dissing apple and smashing the hell out of it, like some guy did and he got a new macbook for free.

speaking of material things, clothes and electronics make me happy. i mean so does family, but right now no one in this house has enough time to make each other happy so...
i means the fact that my dad travels ALOT and sometimes for a month+ and i don't even miss him when he's gone....

so i handed out m resume like a week ago and no calls/emails back.
im really upset cause i actually put alot of effort into this resume and i actually put in "work experience" because that's what they look for.
i want a job so badly... and not even just to get the blackberry.
i want one because it means i get ca$h flow so i can purchase the things i want.
my wardrobe consists of 7 outfits, which is nothing.
my mom said i should sell My DSLR for drug blackberry money but i don't want to cause i know even with the BBB in m hands ill regret selling my nikon.
like i know i will eventually get a job, BUT WHEN MAN?!
and it just kept reminding me that i don't have a job yet.

whatever, ill just go eat my ramen and kill nnamdi if he ate it already.

Thursday, May 14, 2009 at 10:34:00 PM

so sorry if this post is like...unreadable because of all the mistakes, but i was in a hurry, tireed and num when i wrote this...so ill edit it later days

so i got back from Ottawa like... half an hour ago, so around 10:00pm.
the bus ride there and back, in total, is 10 fucking hours so im soooo tired.
so basically this is what happened:

i got to school at like 5:55am even though the teacher said we should be there at least 10 minutes before th bus leaves, which is...6:00AM
BUTTTT the bus came at freaking 7:30-8:00 instead so we got to ottawa two late.
me, debbie, jazmine, joanne and melissa m were on the seniors bus, instead of the juniors but twas okay i guess because the seniors are pretty... "live" too.

we mad a pitstop and wendystimmies ate....

when we FINALLY got to the parlement building at 1:00pm it was RAINING though i didnt care because i had an umbrella.....littlw did i know i soon would not.
so we listened to the priminister....*atleast i think ti was him because i couldnt see shit* speak
and then some random 10yearold girl who apperently made a difference because she mad a youtube video about abortion and got 1k veiws...which actually isnt alot ....just saying.

thennn we loafted .

THEN we finally started le march.
it started off prett slow and with umbrellas poking me everyywhere, but then it sped a bit.
IT WAS SOOOOO WINDY! some pople didnt even have umbrellas so i dont knwo how the could take all the rain, but they did.
eventually my umbrella turned inside out and snaped like a twig -_- so i threw it out in one of the garbages during the walk, and some random man was like "nooo dont throw it out !" >.>

during the walk we obviously saw people agianst pro-life so they wer elike "we have choices, dont band abortion, yadda yadda yadda" but they had like 15 people while we had over 1000 so.....we rule default.

there were some VERY graphic pictures of baby after an abotion and...omg its....omg
we each got a copy and minees doenstairs and i feel like to throw it outside because its soooo creepy and....gross and sad. i would post it here, but you;d probably barf on your keyboard, so i wont.
i want to shred it but i feel like to shred it but im scared its going to come back an haunt me..... plus im going to sleep and im scared of the dark so ill keep picturing it everywhere ! OMG JEEEBS

anyways, after the walk, being the badasses we are, debbie, jeatritz, melissa, joanne and i went to the mall without permison " we were suppose to wait an hour" and on the way there we saw the "ELEPHANT Cafe" which is where we ate breakfast when we went to ottaw in grade 8 with st vals.
we went to the fodo court....teryikaki, thai express, newyork fries-d it up ?
then we walked around blah blah
went to AA and laofted, WNATED to buy something, but...yanno.
got some SB and CB and then finally at around 5....we headed home.

the seniors plus jessica S sand songs like mad-neyo and some drake thing... i think, to pass the time.
me debbie and joanne jsut annoyed melissa buy blindiong her with the cmaera flash and poking her and what not.
debbie used the potty on the bus and said it was scurry.
melissa refused to use it cause she thought she would a pull a "slum-dog" lmfao
*you should know what that is if you watched the movie...think of the toilet scene.*
we arrived at joes.
now im sititng here and i dont want to go to skoo tomoororw but i need to because i have a math TIPS...

you are so obsessed with your social life, like stfu for once, no one freaking cares.
you name drop thinking everyones going to be so impressed and youre so fake
just drop it.
i dont even undetstand how theyre falling for all your shit.
i will ALWAYS dislike you and nothing can change that.

Monday, May 11, 2009 at 9:22:00 PM

thats it man.
i dont fit it ANYWHERE. most of my so called "friends" do not treat me like a friend, its like im a substitute or something.
i cant believe you went and got them without me >.> frig.
whatever man, i guess moving to joes isnt so great after all
i rememebr me and debbie were so happy to move here and we thought we'd be happier and have more fun
boooyy were we wrong.
joes is fucking crap.
well atleast from where we're standing.
i onl have 1 real right now.

a diva is the female version of a hustler

at 4:51:00 PM

so im kinda surprised i made ropsaa because i didnt even try that hard to make it under 14 seconds.
well i tried my best, but i didnt know my best would be good enough.
technically i got 14.3 seconds, but i get they just rounded it down.
we have a track meet on wednesday but i kinda dont want to go because track is tiring, i have a math test, AND a MFA meeting on that day.
so i guess the next day for track for me will be like....may 22nd something.

anywaaayyss, i made a smoothie and pb&j sandwich because i was to lazy to cook anything.
noooowwwwwwww i have to study for civics and try and catch up in math.
watch HOUSE and then go to sleep.
then i have atleast second period then the rest of the day i chill i guess....
then wednesday is my math test and thursday is ottawa, then lastly is TIPS on friday.
im going to try and persuade my mom to let me have the sleep over this weekend, i doubt she'll allow it because i kinda broker her vase on mothers day.....

i also hope i get a call back from one of the man places i applied too.
preferably mcdonalds in walmart because i dont need to commute there or anything...
ill apply at grocery stores and restaurants later today maybe..or tomorrow.
i really want a job, more than anything. -O-


Sunday, May 10, 2009 at 7:44:00 PM

the follwoing entry WILL have grammer, punctuation and spelling erors.

so this week is going to be extremely hectic.
today, after gossip girl of course, i have to study for a civics and history test and i only have 3 hours to do so because i don't like going to bed any later that 12am.

then on monday i have a math work period in the morning which i need to use to my advantage because we have a test on wednesday and the teachers away on tuesday so i need to get some questions in which means i need to do some work.
then second period on monday i have my civivcs test, and last period is m history test.
i also have practice after shcool on monday for track but i dont think i can go cause i need to cathc up in math, which means i need to discuss with my coach whats going happen.
oh and i also need to sighn up for summer school and make a guidance apoint ment.

then on tuesday i think i have a track meet which im going to have to miss if i dont get to ask all m math question on monday.

then wenedsday is my math test AND a track practice which im going to halve to miss no matter what because i have a meeting after school for MFL thats like, an hour long
wich reminds me, i need to know what im doing after school starting monday so i can tell my mom which days to pick up my brother.

on thursday i need to be at school by 5:45am because the bus leaves at 6am for ottawa.
we get back at around 12 am on friday.

then on friday i have to go to school because i have a math TIPS that i missed on thursday because i would have been in ottawa.

then the week is finally over.

i give you guys credit if you actually read and understood all that.

at 12:13:00 AM

Saturday, May 9, 2009 at 9:08:00 PM

tralalalalala..... LA


uhm so i got back from Vickys sweet 16 birthday dinner like...half an hour ago. we went to iron chef which is somewhere near Philip Pocock.. food was pretty good.
it was only like 20 bucks for a whole bento box +ice cream and salad. dayum .
i didn't finish it though because it was so much food.
and as asian as i am, i HATE i repeat HATE sushi.
i know there are different kinds of sushi, but i hate most of them,
i decided to try one today after like...9 years of staying away from it, and it was gross. i tried not to make a face when i put it in my mouth, and i was SO tempted to spit it in the napkin, but i calmly chewed, then drank all my nestea.

while we were there i looked at mia's blackberry and it reminded me how much i want one.
obviously i haven't forgotten but...yeah.
my dad is being mean about it saying hes not getting one till october if he gets it at all, and I AM NOT waiting till October.
so, im going to try, YET AGAIN to get job.
IM SO PISSED THAT I DONT HAVE ONE YETTTTT UGGGHHH ()*%*&()&_()%%^#$%^$#@^&$#%^&%$%^%$^$%^$^%$^$^%$^&%^$^^

this summer = working out.
and i mean LIKE INTENSE workout session.
like i know im not fat, but im no ...miley? either
i tried jogging, but that doesn't really help tone your stomach so yeah.

ALSO i have learned to let go of the one thing that has hurt me most for the past... 1 or 2 years. i wont say what it is, but i think it will make me a whole lot less depressed.

lastly *wow this entry is so disorganized*
im going to Ottawa for the day this Thursday for march for life.
i think thats like the only thing im looking forward to this week.
i have like a tips, math test, civics test and history test ALL in one freaking week, so MFL is the silver lining in all of it.
ill probably be chilling with like, melissa m, joanne and debbie the whole time, which is sweet cause i hardly hang out with either of them....except for debbie.

well thats it.
i really wish .......

Friday, May 8, 2009 at 7:27:00 PM

of course im stuck at home on a beautiful Friday evening, nothing new. i always get flopped on.
but tomorrow, i feast..even though i probably wont be doing much talking because im not really close to anyone that's going to be there.

Monday, May 4, 2009 at 11:15:00 PM

LOL who has a jam session to a FIRE ALARM
these kids do :

pretty cool though.

civvies tomorrow.
gota pay a buck
that's fucked
supposed to go to track...
but bun...that

i suck at rhyming so im gonna stop

later gATERS

Sunday, May 3, 2009 at 3:50:00 AM

staying up till 5am to finish my math review is soo worth it because tomorrow i can RELAX.

Friday, May 1, 2009 at 10:34:00 PM

im watching a walk to remember on muchmusic...and i kind of want wouldnt mind if i had a boyfriend ?
i mean, i see the couples around school and i just think they are so cute (SOME of them. i hate the ones that are dating just for the sake of dating) and like, i wonder to myself that i probably wont have a boyfriend during highschool. i've met practically all the guys in grade 10 and i dont see myself with any of them. dont get me wrong, some of them are nice, but there are certain things i look for in a guy and none of them have it... i wont say what they are though :P
i think onl 1 or 2 guys asked me out before and i dont even cound them because they just asked me cause they thought i would say yes. they thought i was THAT desperate. well im not. not even close. i need to actually know you before you ask me. i need to have spent time with you and you need to have made me laugh so hard i peed my pants.....kay not literally, but you know i mean, THEN you can ask me out.
i mean i am 100% people think im not capable of getting a bf.
hence the reason when i chnaged my relationship status on fb so "in a relationship" by accident, evenyone was soooo surprised.
like people you know NOTHING about me. the only person that probably knows 99 percent about me, besides my family, is debbie. thats it.
so dont think im incapable of being in a relationship, because the way i act aroiund others, compared to the way i act around my close freinds, is very different.
i have liked....3 guys between elementary and highschool, not counting grade 1 2 3...ya know, the tiny grades.
only one i have liked for a pretty long time but eventually, though slowly, got over.
i was infatuated with one or two and one of them i think is a real jerk.
i hate him in fact.
race is NO issue when it comes to dating, it just shouldnt be. but clearl you think the coliur of someones skin matters, so eff off.

anyways, this was just some rant that i was enspired to do after watching a walk to rememeber.
i just want somone who is always there for me. i mean i alreayd do, but a bf is different. i can call him on his cell at like 2am just to talk.
maybe even make plans to go somewhere, so last minute it was literally last minute, and he wouldnt get mad. there's more reasons, but i rather keep them to myself. . .
anywho, im changing my URL to by blog soontimes...so if you want the new link, ask me for it.
i just think there are too many people reading them.
i mean c'mon, 20 hits RIGHT after i got the hit counter...kinda creepy.
plus im starting to right mor personal things in this thing... so i only one certain people reading it.

well, thats all folks.
"twas a dream"and im not editing this so dont mind my grammer mistakes and spelling errors

PP.S there is alot of people who are just friends with me because they can mooch of me...so i dont think ill be giving anyone money anymore.

at 9:47:00 PM

i will never consider you(s) friends of mine, until you start treating me like one.


"if a guy treats you like he doesn't give a shit, he genuinely doesn't give a shit. no exceptions" i like Asian dramas, romance, comedy, carmel frapps, cardigans, long necklaces, twitter, the search bar on twitter, lime green, purikura, food, winter, big cities, animals, behemoth, jake et amir, dean fujioka etc

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