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Sunday, May 10, 2009 at 7:44:00 PM

the follwoing entry WILL have grammer, punctuation and spelling erors.

so this week is going to be extremely hectic.
today, after gossip girl of course, i have to study for a civics and history test and i only have 3 hours to do so because i don't like going to bed any later that 12am.

then on monday i have a math work period in the morning which i need to use to my advantage because we have a test on wednesday and the teachers away on tuesday so i need to get some questions in which means i need to do some work.
then second period on monday i have my civivcs test, and last period is m history test.
i also have practice after shcool on monday for track but i dont think i can go cause i need to cathc up in math, which means i need to discuss with my coach whats going happen.
oh and i also need to sighn up for summer school and make a guidance apoint ment.

then on tuesday i think i have a track meet which im going to have to miss if i dont get to ask all m math question on monday.

then wenedsday is my math test AND a track practice which im going to halve to miss no matter what because i have a meeting after school for MFL thats like, an hour long
wich reminds me, i need to know what im doing after school starting monday so i can tell my mom which days to pick up my brother.

on thursday i need to be at school by 5:45am because the bus leaves at 6am for ottawa.
we get back at around 12 am on friday.

then on friday i have to go to school because i have a math TIPS that i missed on thursday because i would have been in ottawa.

then the week is finally over.

i give you guys credit if you actually read and understood all that.


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