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you're so hypnotizing, you've got me laughing while i sing
you've got me smiling in my sleep

Saturday, May 9, 2009 at 9:08:00 PM

tralalalalala..... LA


uhm so i got back from Vickys sweet 16 birthday dinner like...half an hour ago. we went to iron chef which is somewhere near Philip Pocock.. food was pretty good.
it was only like 20 bucks for a whole bento box +ice cream and salad. dayum .
i didn't finish it though because it was so much food.
and as asian as i am, i HATE i repeat HATE sushi.
i know there are different kinds of sushi, but i hate most of them,
i decided to try one today after like...9 years of staying away from it, and it was gross. i tried not to make a face when i put it in my mouth, and i was SO tempted to spit it in the napkin, but i calmly chewed, then drank all my nestea.

while we were there i looked at mia's blackberry and it reminded me how much i want one.
obviously i haven't forgotten but...yeah.
my dad is being mean about it saying hes not getting one till october if he gets it at all, and I AM NOT waiting till October.
so, im going to try, YET AGAIN to get job.
IM SO PISSED THAT I DONT HAVE ONE YETTTTT UGGGHHH ()*%*&()&_()%%^#$%^$#@^&$#%^&%$%^%$^$%^$^%$^$^%$^&%^$^^

this summer = working out.
and i mean LIKE INTENSE workout session.
like i know im not fat, but im no ...miley? either
i tried jogging, but that doesn't really help tone your stomach so yeah.

ALSO i have learned to let go of the one thing that has hurt me most for the past... 1 or 2 years. i wont say what it is, but i think it will make me a whole lot less depressed.

lastly *wow this entry is so disorganized*
im going to Ottawa for the day this Thursday for march for life.
i think thats like the only thing im looking forward to this week.
i have like a tips, math test, civics test and history test ALL in one freaking week, so MFL is the silver lining in all of it.
ill probably be chilling with like, melissa m, joanne and debbie the whole time, which is sweet cause i hardly hang out with either of them....except for debbie.

well thats it.
i really wish .......


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