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you're so hypnotizing, you've got me laughing while i sing
you've got me smiling in my sleep

Monday, June 29, 2009 at 7:09:00 PM

even people on lookbook are giving tribute.

at 7:09:00 PM

even people on look are giving tribute.

Sunday, June 28, 2009 at 6:30:00 PM

finding out what peoples last words were is actually pretty interesting.
there was this guy named Henrik Ibsen, he was sick for a while .

one day his nurse said to him
"You seem to be feeling better this morning"
he replied
"On the Contrary"

and then he died.

billie jean

at 5:00:00 PM

song-You Rock My World-michael jackson

so everyone knoes michael jackson has died.
im not his number one fan or anything, but i did grow up listening to his music.
that was the only thing my dad played in the car.
when i was small....don't remember what age.... favourite song was "heal the world"
when i started seeing everyone chnage their facebook status to "RIP MJ"
i was like, hell no, hes not dead. probablly another joke.
so i turned on the news, and there it was :(
i was soooo upset.
and what made me even more upset is the stupid people who had the guts to put stuff in their facebook statuses like
"children of the world, its safe to come out now, hes finally dead !"
like wtf is wrong with you?! i dont care if you didnt like his music, dont know you know what his family is going through right now?
he has 3 kids and 5 borthers and sisters.
and if it wasn't for him, there would be know CHRIS BROWN or usher, or even justin timerlake, cause they were all inspired by mj.
so fuck you who still contiue to make fun of him, even after his death.

i dont really have much to talk about regarding my summer.
it's been fun i guess.
right now im going to play sims and then read a book.
maybe ill write a happeir entry later?

who even reads this thing anymore?


even though there are still some people who will neverr like him, more that half the world looked up to him.
did you know that there were so many google searches on him in the past 3 days, that google had to shut down for 20 minutes?
that thousands of people gathered at the Apollo Theater after hearing the news to pay tribute?

don't mean to sound corny or anything but,

R.I.Paridise MJ
A legend
the King of Pop

Saturday, June 20, 2009 at 2:22:00 AM

So today is the ending of school.
not oficically...seeing as im going to exam reveiw day and report cards day, but it means no more stress!
no more breaking out from stress!!
no more waking up early! i am NOT a morning person
no more math :)

so tomorrow...or technically today i'm having a sleepover which i have been planning for ages.
and obviously my mom wouldn' just let me have one, she had to give me a huge list of chores to do + cleaning up the basement, in preperation. im somewhate excited, and then somewhat not seeing as other people comming aren't showing excitment at all -_- but whatever.

on another note, i purchased sims 3 today because i broke my sims 2 and i heard sims 3 is AMAZING.
when i first popped in the cd, installed it, made my "family" and started palying...i was DISGUSTED beyond disgust. the graphics were a JOKE. it was all pixely and my sims looked like ants because the camera wasn't zoomed enough.
so being me, i played for like 2 seocnds, then quit the game and pondered why a game with such a good rep, could be so bad.
i mean my laptop meets all the system requirments but one, which is the CPU (speed) so i was like, okay...that makes it lagg, not pixelate.
so i did some research and came across the fact that it might be my "graphic card" apprently sims 3 needs a really high ....
so i searched and searched through my pc to find info on how much space my GC had, after an hour, i found it.
i didnt know if it met the requirements or not but i looked for updates any way...
after 3 hours of looking for solutions to my graphic card, be it buying a new one for like half a grand or installing updates... i gave up and decided to just do the easy thing i didnt do in the first place, because it was TOO easy.
so thats 3 hours of my life i will never get back.
the graphics are alright now, not OMG SO GOOOD, but they are EXTREMYLY better than before.

i would be playing right now, but im wayyy to tired and i think im developing carpel tunnel in my right hand *knocks on wood*

anyways, today to clebrate the ending of school, we watched the UNREATED version of sexdrive at benjies house. plot was good....random sightings of dicks and tits every 5 seconds was not.

im too lazy to proof read this, so if you read this before i proof read tomorrow, im sorry for what your eyes had to endure.
oh the pain ... ?

Tuesday, June 16, 2009 at 12:27:00 PM

so today was my math exam and yesterday i was stressing over it because i didn't finish the revieww and i ended up staying up till 3am AND STILL not finishing.
like i know i didn't get 80/80 but i ATLEAST got 60/80 which is 75% it i think.
i'd be happier if i got higher though :)
BUT EVEN THOUGH IT WAS EASY, id dint get to finish :( the last question was circumcentre and i knew EXACTLY how to do it, and it was 8 marks EIGHT MARKS ! and the teacher wouldn't give me just 2 minutes to complere it :( so i got like 2/8 for thatttt. :(:(
but overall i probably did okay.

nso tomorrow is civivcs and im only studying a little for that then using the rest of the day to study for history. i heard the history exam was really hard and im pretty sure it is seeing as ms neal loves to see us fail . she said so herself.

then its relgion.....meeehh, study for like 1 hour oe 2, then agian, back to history

then is my history exam :(
THEN SCHOOLLS technically OVER!!! :*)

so on friday, last day of exams, i think we're going to pho, and then orangejulius for free smoothies and juice. IM ALSO PURCHASING SIMS 3 so i will never be bored at home on summer daaayy

then on saturday is the sleepover, hopefully, with mimi debbie ysabel jeatritz, hopefully laila and dianna as well.

monday the beach with mimi et debbie

and then wednesdayy tranformer 2 !!!!!!!

i think its wednesday ? right?

Friday, June 12, 2009 at 5:44:00 PM

So have I mentioned that I LOVE my history class? I'm really going to
miss that class when schools over... So Many funny memories:)
Like today we were playing signal ( angelo, Aaron, jose, josh, Sydney,
kevin V and joanne)
And other than the fact me an joanne lost pretty badly cause the guys
are gay...
Anlo ands kevins signals were sssoooo funny.
Won't expose though.

Sent from my iPod so escuse the mistakes

Thursday, June 11, 2009 at 10:17:00 PM

`so there's like four more days till exams ?! SAY FUCKING WORDDD
my history teacher is stupid and decides to give us our review TOMORROW giving us very little time to study
and same with civics teacher who is the same teacher as the history teacher

so four the next four days im going to be focused *i really hate it when people say that for some reason*
i'll go to the library everyday until exams are over.
NOT INCLUDING TOMORROW because im watch up with me mum :*)
sometimes i study better at the library, and sometimes i dont.... it depends i guess.
i mostly end up on facebook and stuff :o
so ill try and stay on track this time.


i already have a couple plans..such as going to the beach with mimi, debbie et amis on the 22nd
and transformers 2 with dianna, laila, jeatritz jose....others? on the 24th or 25th
wonderland with dianna numrous times because i freaking love the behemoth
hopefully courtney comes to canada for the summer :*)
had the interview todaay and im soooo "rattled" mad.
gthe chick right after me was sooo energetic and smiley -__-
not my faulttt, i was soooo nervous.
the questions were sooo random.

so today while walking home with d, we saw this creepy cat *i love creepy cats* and we just stood there for like 5 minutes staring at it.
and i said it probably came from over the fence
and debbie said "can cats even climb fences?"
and at that EXACT moment, the cat bolted up the fence, and stood there giving us a look like
"BITCH now what?"
it was sooo funny.
it's like it heard what we said.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009 at 5:22:00 PM

anywho, going to st vals bbq with debbie today.
i dont even know why ?
i guess cause there's food.
the only others i know that are going are danford and joanne

at 4:50:00 PM

good job kid.
good job.


Tuesday, June 9, 2009 at 11:49:00 PM

12 more days in hell.

so i jsut finished my history essay and even though i hade Ysabels essay i chnaged like every single word, added sentences, and removed some. SO HOPEFULLY NEAL DOESNT NOTICE OR IM SCRWEED.
i've never copied soemones project before..... im scared :o
well i guees i made it my own cause it sounds completly different.
now i just need to rpint it, then off the bed.
im suppsoe to study for civivs but...meh, im getitng like 93 or soemthing in that classs....
kay maybe not 93 but im getting a good mark so ill jsut study in the morning.

tomorrow civvies and im wearing somehting i've never worn school before, excpet for the cardigan...so ill see how it goes.
i wanted to paint my nails, but meh.

this weekend im wathcing UP with me mun :*) and brother.
i can't wait !
i heard it's really good.

starting tomorrow i need to start studying for exams :(
then next week, i will be cosnumed by exam papers.
only thing i miss about holyname is that we ended school way earlier than joes -_-

then on june 22nd im watching tranformers 2 with laila, diana, jose, jazmine ? i think others are coming, i dunno.

i just can't wait till schools over, maybe ill go away to camp to i dont have to see certian people for two whole months.
maybe fat camp.
ll im kidding, but i seriosuly do want to go away.

i downlaoded a diary app for my ipod so i record down personal tingsss.
it has a passcode lock and stuff so thats good.
also bought super mokey ball and CRASH for my ipod.
moms birthday is this friday, need to plan soemthing.

puis birthday is in 5 minutes, same with tiffanys...
mine slike 3 months from now.

ewww i hate those stairs now -_-
but i have no choice.

Sunday, June 7, 2009 at 1:30:00 AM

so i was suppose to watch UP this weekend with me mum and brother but my mom flopped on my because she was too busy, so we're watching it next weekend, the weekend before hell week.

SO today we went ober to my moms friends house which the son is my brothers Friend, to be part of some infomercial thing. her Friends flilpino as was everyone else that came for the infomercial thing, but whatver not the first time im the only non asian.

basically there's thiss company called "salad..." uhm salad something, i forgot. they make these special pots made of titanium and they are actually pretty...amazing. the pots are specially designed so you don't have to use oil to cook your food, so i got to see how chicken taste without anything on it, oil or spices. let me tell you, it taste like chicken. they are also designed so everything you cook can be supper healthy, but taste good too.
we steamed vegetables without water....how does that even work.
fried noodles without salt or oil and it turned out soooo good.
made pineapple and blueberry upside down cake....but get this, WITHOUT AN OVEN!
we mad it on the gas stove ... .o.O
we didnt even put water or oil in the cake mix. we replaced those ingredients with apples and....some other fruit.
at first i was like, how the fuck do you not put water in a cake, but instead apples and carrots?
and i thought it would taste gross but boy was i wrong.
it tasted AMAZING and it was half the calories and stuff.
so the whole thing was to get my mom to buy the set and it's like over 4 grand.
for pots....dude, like wth ?
i guess its because its made of "the metal they use for your braces"
i think my mom bought it ? i dunno , i wasn't really paying attention.
ansd you pay it off little by little so i wont know if she bought it unless i ask.

the whole time the infomercial peoples and my moms friend kept commenting on how tall i am and how i should play basketball.
and i waas like, nooo, im more of a soccer person....

that was my day.
oh and i watched some movie on citytv that had alot of sex scenes in it, so i had to change the channel alot cause my parents might hear all the noises and be like wtf is she watching.

14 more days, and it's over :) i'll be sooo happy when im done my last exam:history.
i plan on doing so much this summer, and no one , not even you, is going to hold me back.

downloaded a puri app for my itouch but its not the full version because you need to pay for the full version.
puri appp coming out for DSI too

i have this rash on my forehead and it happened right after i got my eyebrows done.
should i sue?

lol im kidding , but it better go away before monday

Saturday, June 6, 2009 at 8:21:00 PM

so im chilling in my basment because it has a tv and air conditioning.
it's like a oven in m bedroom, so although the basement gets a bit creep when its dark out, im not going upstairs for a while.
im so freaking bored and i want to go to walmart with a friend and put condoms in random peoples carts so when they go and pay for their grocieries everyone stairs at them ....
where i got this idea?
yahoo answers.
which is where i go when im bored.

so like, everyone is getting twitter now ? truee.

i hope my cousin comes to canada form the states this summer, cause if she dosn't, this summe ris going to be hella boring. she's too cool for me, but i'll probably have loads of fun with her seeing as she can drive and i can't. she's like...18 ? or 19 ?
but we get along sooooo welll.

Friday, June 5, 2009 at 11:30:00 PM

i'm done.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009 at 6:27:00 PM

ahahaha what the fuck you guys talking bout ?
i know it's me cause im the only thing you talk about.

at 1:27:00 PM

isso.. im in the library right now sitting with melissa M melissa R, joanne and aaron.
sushi samaria and lookbook
even though we're supoposse to be workingon our essays...

Monday, June 1, 2009 at 5:50:00 PM

so just two more weeks until schools over ?
yessir, and thank god for that.
usually during the summer, i always want to go back to school because my summers are boring as hell because everyone flops on me and i end up staring at home for two months...
but this summer i plan on actually doing something.
i DO NOT want to go to summer school to fast track anything or if i fail anything...which so far doesn't look like thats going to happen.

anyways, saturday i got absolutely no sleep because i started working on my civics CAT at 10:00pm and finished int he morning at 6am.
then glued the shit in the scrap book and finshed that by 8am.
i have never pulled an all nighter before and i never thought i'd have to, but thats what i get for loafting like woah.
when people asked me if i was done my civics CAT, the acted so surprised when i said yes.... like GEEZE PEOPLE IM NOT STUPID. its worth 10 percent of my mark -_- everyone thinks im some dumb kid who doesn't do any work.

i also finished my magazine pages even though they're do wenesday.

so today i was supposoe to get a call from but i HAVEN'T! and i probably won't :(
so i'll just call tomorrow and say i didnt get the call because i want this job more than anything right now. its my last choice cause i applied everywhere under the sun :( so i pray i get it.

spekaing of food, i checked out the website debbie told me about...some livejournal sight where anorexic teens blog snd shit... and omg these girls are ...i dunno what they are but its sad.
they way they talk about hwo fat they are and then show pictures and they look like they just got out of the freaking holacaust...
they count evey single calorie... this girl even wanted to know how many calories are in gum, and in lolipops.
i mean, i don't think im super skinny, but i don't think i would ever result to barfing after every meal.


"if a guy treats you like he doesn't give a shit, he genuinely doesn't give a shit. no exceptions" i like Asian dramas, romance, comedy, carmel frapps, cardigans, long necklaces, twitter, the search bar on twitter, lime green, purikura, food, winter, big cities, animals, behemoth, jake et amir, dean fujioka etc

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