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you're so hypnotizing, you've got me laughing while i sing
you've got me smiling in my sleep

Sunday, June 7, 2009 at 1:30:00 AM

so i was suppose to watch UP this weekend with me mum and brother but my mom flopped on my because she was too busy, so we're watching it next weekend, the weekend before hell week.

SO today we went ober to my moms friends house which the son is my brothers Friend, to be part of some infomercial thing. her Friends flilpino as was everyone else that came for the infomercial thing, but whatver not the first time im the only non asian.

basically there's thiss company called "salad..." uhm salad something, i forgot. they make these special pots made of titanium and they are actually pretty...amazing. the pots are specially designed so you don't have to use oil to cook your food, so i got to see how chicken taste without anything on it, oil or spices. let me tell you, it taste like chicken. they are also designed so everything you cook can be supper healthy, but taste good too.
we steamed vegetables without water....how does that even work.
fried noodles without salt or oil and it turned out soooo good.
made pineapple and blueberry upside down cake....but get this, WITHOUT AN OVEN!
we mad it on the gas stove ... .o.O
we didnt even put water or oil in the cake mix. we replaced those ingredients with apples and....some other fruit.
at first i was like, how the fuck do you not put water in a cake, but instead apples and carrots?
and i thought it would taste gross but boy was i wrong.
it tasted AMAZING and it was half the calories and stuff.
so the whole thing was to get my mom to buy the set and it's like over 4 grand.
for pots....dude, like wth ?
i guess its because its made of "the metal they use for your braces"
i think my mom bought it ? i dunno , i wasn't really paying attention.
ansd you pay it off little by little so i wont know if she bought it unless i ask.

the whole time the infomercial peoples and my moms friend kept commenting on how tall i am and how i should play basketball.
and i waas like, nooo, im more of a soccer person....

that was my day.
oh and i watched some movie on citytv that had alot of sex scenes in it, so i had to change the channel alot cause my parents might hear all the noises and be like wtf is she watching.

14 more days, and it's over :) i'll be sooo happy when im done my last exam:history.
i plan on doing so much this summer, and no one , not even you, is going to hold me back.

downloaded a puri app for my itouch but its not the full version because you need to pay for the full version.
puri appp coming out for DSI too

i have this rash on my forehead and it happened right after i got my eyebrows done.
should i sue?

lol im kidding , but it better go away before monday


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