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you're so hypnotizing, you've got me laughing while i sing
you've got me smiling in my sleep

Saturday, June 20, 2009 at 2:22:00 AM

So today is the ending of school.
not oficically...seeing as im going to exam reveiw day and report cards day, but it means no more stress!
no more breaking out from stress!!
no more waking up early! i am NOT a morning person
no more math :)

so tomorrow...or technically today i'm having a sleepover which i have been planning for ages.
and obviously my mom wouldn' just let me have one, she had to give me a huge list of chores to do + cleaning up the basement, in preperation. im somewhate excited, and then somewhat not seeing as other people comming aren't showing excitment at all -_- but whatever.

on another note, i purchased sims 3 today because i broke my sims 2 and i heard sims 3 is AMAZING.
when i first popped in the cd, installed it, made my "family" and started palying...i was DISGUSTED beyond disgust. the graphics were a JOKE. it was all pixely and my sims looked like ants because the camera wasn't zoomed enough.
so being me, i played for like 2 seocnds, then quit the game and pondered why a game with such a good rep, could be so bad.
i mean my laptop meets all the system requirments but one, which is the CPU (speed) so i was like, okay...that makes it lagg, not pixelate.
so i did some research and came across the fact that it might be my "graphic card" apprently sims 3 needs a really high ....
so i searched and searched through my pc to find info on how much space my GC had, after an hour, i found it.
i didnt know if it met the requirements or not but i looked for updates any way...
after 3 hours of looking for solutions to my graphic card, be it buying a new one for like half a grand or installing updates... i gave up and decided to just do the easy thing i didnt do in the first place, because it was TOO easy.
so thats 3 hours of my life i will never get back.
the graphics are alright now, not OMG SO GOOOD, but they are EXTREMYLY better than before.

i would be playing right now, but im wayyy to tired and i think im developing carpel tunnel in my right hand *knocks on wood*

anyways, today to clebrate the ending of school, we watched the UNREATED version of sexdrive at benjies house. plot was good....random sightings of dicks and tits every 5 seconds was not.

im too lazy to proof read this, so if you read this before i proof read tomorrow, im sorry for what your eyes had to endure.
oh the pain ... ?


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