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you've got me smiling in my sleep

Tuesday, June 16, 2009 at 12:27:00 PM

so today was my math exam and yesterday i was stressing over it because i didn't finish the revieww and i ended up staying up till 3am AND STILL not finishing.
like i know i didn't get 80/80 but i ATLEAST got 60/80 which is 75% it i think.
i'd be happier if i got higher though :)
BUT EVEN THOUGH IT WAS EASY, id dint get to finish :( the last question was circumcentre and i knew EXACTLY how to do it, and it was 8 marks EIGHT MARKS ! and the teacher wouldn't give me just 2 minutes to complere it :( so i got like 2/8 for thatttt. :(:(
but overall i probably did okay.

nso tomorrow is civivcs and im only studying a little for that then using the rest of the day to study for history. i heard the history exam was really hard and im pretty sure it is seeing as ms neal loves to see us fail . she said so herself.

then its relgion.....meeehh, study for like 1 hour oe 2, then agian, back to history

then is my history exam :(
THEN SCHOOLLS technically OVER!!! :*)

so on friday, last day of exams, i think we're going to pho, and then orangejulius for free smoothies and juice. IM ALSO PURCHASING SIMS 3 so i will never be bored at home on summer daaayy

then on saturday is the sleepover, hopefully, with mimi debbie ysabel jeatritz, hopefully laila and dianna as well.

monday the beach with mimi et debbie

and then wednesdayy tranformer 2 !!!!!!!

i think its wednesday ? right?


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