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you're so hypnotizing, you've got me laughing while i sing
you've got me smiling in my sleep
i want nobody-nobody but you

Thursday, July 16, 2009 at 10:52:00 AM

so today i went to school to get my final math mark
its not the best but it'll do.
im like 100% sure the chick beside me failed summer school.
she left so many questions blank on the exam, and at one point she even tried asking me for the answers DURING the exam
i was like
bitch you crazy...
i just shook my head and continued writing because i couldn't afford to get caught .

the only joes people in my class are nicole and anneta because all the others were put in the other math class -_-
so while waiting for our final marks, me and nicole were talking about stuff that happen during the stabbing and he was laughing his off.
like how perpash said he saw someone get stabbed, and i was like "sure you did" and then a couple minutes later the lock down happens -_-
i also showed them the jake and amir video -scared, and we were dying.
thats like the 50th time watching it and i still laugh.

now im home, typing this
then im going to the movies with everyone at 1:00 to watch HP.
I WOULD prefer later tonight but whatever.
i actually only watched a bit of the first and second movie, so hopefully i understand the 6th one.
like who da fuck is ginny?
rons sister?
i call ron ginger cause he has red hair : )
so yeah we're going to the theatres like 2 hours earlier than the show time because we're afraid we wont get tickets.

im going to go watch miss no good now.

p.s IM SO HUNGRY and there is NO food whatsoever in this house. :(

pp.s i still have to picture of the aborted baby from the march for life trip.
teacher told us to leave it in a public place so people can see the truth behind abortions...
i jsut want it out of my room cause its so sad...and scary.


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