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you've got me smiling in my sleep
party in the USA !

Thursday, August 27, 2009 at 11:36:00 PM

so i dunno why my words are being underlined... but anyways
just got back from "the amazing race" and it was actually really fun.
basically its an intense scavenger hunt that jazmine and david created
they did a pretty good job too.
there were atleast over 30 teens participating and they are all either freinds of jazmine or david
we were split into teams of four (mine was benjie, jeatriz jose and i) and given a list of 59 things to take pictures of with a camera phone.
the things ranged from, taking a picture of an item in a store *risskkyy cause you can get banned from the store for taking pictures*
to walking up to random strangers telling them to do random stuff for you.

here's some pictures of the many things we completed off our list.
in the end we came in second :( and there's no prize for that, but i had alot of fun, and would totally do it again.
the first place price was a 20 dollar gift certificate for sqaure one for each team member, pretty sweeett

*find a pile of zeros and ones in the living arts centre fountain*

*do the Walce..Waltz? with a random stranger*
ahahah aww jeatriz
the guy was probably like "wtf" after

my group..

*take a picture in front of the "go karts open sign" in front of pladium

*find an old couple and take a picture with them*

*ask a random stranger to take a pciture wearing a brand name pink shirt/sweater*

we arent alowed to take pics in stores so i got in trouble twice *h&m and boat house*
so we went to the Gap and found a pink sweater for this lady to wear.
aha, shes was nice, so it wasnt that embarrassing, probably more embarrassing for her but she did it anyway..
gotta love Canadians...we're so nice : )
we'll i assume shes Canadian :S

afterwards we ate, then bussed home
and felt SOO bad because jeatriz benjie and jose got off at my stop so i wouldn't have to walk home alone
even though i insisted they didnt -_-
but it was a nice thing to do so meh.
buuutt my house to joes, walking, in the dark :O
jea stayed at my house though because she had a blister and i couldn't let her walk all the way home.
came home, jea left then i got scolded by my mother about coming home late when i never had a curfew in the first place and now i do 8 FUCKING OCLOCK, that is fucking insane and i refuse to follow that rule :@
but we'll cross that bridge when we come to it.

in other news, my mom bought two birds so now we have two hamsters and two birds
im giving the new hamster to judy to give to her cousin though.

anywho, here are the videos that made my day..or dayz

no seriously, watch the fucking videos :@


who wants to come to the beach with me to remake this ?
haha ..kay no

proof phatees boyfriend has a blackberry
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gimme gimme more
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