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you're so hypnotizing, you've got me laughing while i sing
you've got me smiling in my sleep

Friday, August 7, 2009 at 4:54:00 PM

so there's like 3 days left till i turn sixteen and my father hasnt even mentiong the bold recently :''(

LIKE thats seriously ALL i want for my birthday because ive been asking for one since.... i dunno how long but its been a long time.

at first i wanted an iphone and my dad promised he'd get it for me when he gets back from korea
that was like OVER A YEAR AGO and when he got back he camre baring gifts, none of which was a iphone
so then i reserached for another phone cause i was like.... getting a iphone would be stupid because i own an itouch already so it wouldnt be as exciting to use one.
so then i came accros the bold and i was like, meh, only for business people
but i did more research and i lurrveee it

like im blabbering too much but i remember when stefanie brought her moms to civics class and she was like "look nkechi" or soemthing, i like had a heartattack and screamed really loud then attacked her and grabbed it.
she was like "i dont think i have ever seen you more excited before" or something

it was actually reaallllyy light, i thought it would be heavy cause it looks so hefty. . . but it wasnt

i dont give a fuck that none of my friends approve of anyone that isnt a business person owning a bb
they all like like, bombarded me with all these reasons why its useless getting one
but i dont care, i still want one.

like after my macbook fucking died on me ($1,500 gone to FUCKING WASTE :@:@ IM SO EFFING MAD UGGGHH)
my parents are a little iffy about getting me such an expensive phone
and especially because the recession just ended & we're still recovering financially ...
so i dunno
maybe i wont get it untill later on in the year
but if that turns out to be the case,
ill be extremly upset :(

so im hoping and praying and hoping agian that on august 10th i become an owner of a blackberry bold.

sucks that i'd have no one to bbm whenever the hell i do get it though :(

debbie/ysabel, buy a pearl or something so we can use blackberry messenger ...lol


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