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you're so hypnotizing, you've got me laughing while i sing
you've got me smiling in my sleep

Wednesday, August 19, 2009 at 12:28:00 AM

thought i would update so

i went to my job orientation today, twas okay i guess.. got kinda boring after a while but i got to see Mary and her friend agian so s'all good.
plus the back row was hella hilar-ious cause there was a meeting or whateva going on behind the wall so we didn't here a thing the dude at the front was saying, all we heard is "AND THEN I SAW IT, OMG IT WAS LIKE" something like that
so shared some laughs with a bunch of strangers.

before that, i missed my effing bus to Hershey so i went to H&M and bows a necklace and a bow for my hairs.

ice skating with my biffle tomorrow*well today cause its past 12am* (i dont like when people say biffle.... i dunnno why) so ice skating with my homie?
kay ice skating with debbie tomorrow to ketchup on some things and im looking forward to what she has to say...muahahaha.
yes its summer, but it's kinda fun skating in the summer : *)
i still need to confirm Iceland is open though.

then thursday i have job training & i also HOPEFULLYYYYY get my baby back, aka, amir, aka my blackberry bold.... yeah i need to come up with a better name than amir.... i dunnno, he has a blackberry...so its the first thing i thought of.
maybe i should ask for his pin number next live chat...bwahahaha
he prolly wouldnt give it out though
even though eh gave out jakes number before, lol

then Friday is my camera tutorial at Blacks WOW, TOOK THEM LONG ENOUGH
got this camera like A YEAR AGO ?

then saturday is pahific mall with debbie. *OR wonderland with ysabel and jea*
i haven't been there in AGES and even when i did go, she never came with
so it should be fun : )
purikura? i think so
even though i fucking suck at finding the best places
i remember eleisha told me some of them suck or something but i cant remember which ones :o

then sunday is wonderland with ysabel jeatriz and her church friends...lol.*OR pahific mall with debbie*
debbie WOULD come but she says wonderlan dis boring, and i dont blame her, haha
haven't been there in a while either, and i want to ride the behemoth at night so yeah.

i think this is the first time i've been booked all week
although the blacks tutorial doesn't count.... its like 45 minutes?
after this week, my life goes back to its original state

going to tidy up a bit then watch the latest j&a video then go to sleep.

my arm is KIIILLLINGGG MEEEE OMGGGGG i need to cut down on the laptop time mangz


"if a guy treats you like he doesn't give a shit, he genuinely doesn't give a shit. no exceptions" i like Asian dramas, romance, comedy, carmel frapps, cardigans, long necklaces, twitter, the search bar on twitter, lime green, purikura, food, winter, big cities, animals, behemoth, jake et amir, dean fujioka etc

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