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you're so hypnotizing, you've got me laughing while i sing
you've got me smiling in my sleep

Sunday, September 13, 2009 at 7:29:00 PM

so i thought id make a proper post.
first week of school and yes i have quite a bit of homework, but the due dates are spread out so it's s'all good.
after this post im going to start my math homework....and thats about all i have this weekend.
monday -study for math quiz and finish bio lab
tuesday-study for math quiz and finish media ass.

my classes are aright, first period is religion with Frebrraro again and i sit with Justin, Daniel and Kelly
the class is pretty chill excpet for all the note taking -_-

next is math with Lacroce and she's a good teacher :)
the class is really big though, atleast 28 or 30 people? i dunno
and there;s this reallyyyy cute guy ...weell cute IMO and he has this great smile and he's so nice.
never seen him till this year though so im not even sure if he's in our grade.... but yeah.

next is A lunch
hate it.
moving on.

then i have bio
sit beside this girl i have never seen before
hate my teacher
nuff said.

last but not least, Media which is a chill course.
i sit beside cresebel and i have Aaron Kelly and Fegan in my class.
we played games the first two days.... : )
i heard there's alot of presentations though -_-

i still hope next semester is Betteann , it should be seeing has a i have photography.

right in front of the guys chnage room
smeelly change room .
so im going to use the locker next to debs for now and wait and see if i get that notice thing
if i don't, ill stay, if not, ill move to debbies and share with her.

or tomorrow... i can't remember.
the website says today
but then the Tv guide says their doing "monk"
whatever the fudge that is

i want these shooeessss


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